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HOROSCOPES with Howard Parker the Astro-guide IN THE STARS For a more detailed and personal look at how cosmic forces are influencing your life right now contact Howard on 07866 727743 or You can also book a consultation direct at Libra sep24-oct23 Is this the moment when a new direction in life suddenly presents itself to you out of the blue around 13 October Dont ignore this and shrink back into your comfort zone as this might be an important development for you right now. Rejigging your finances in early November and maybe getting rid of unnecessary possessions and clutter not only prepares the way for bigger and long overdue explorations that you need to make space for but frees up your mind for new things. Scorpio oct24-nov22 The new moon 13 October may unsettle you as things may happen that are outside your control and that you do not quite understand. Later in October a relationship may not be going as you expected but perhaps it is you who needs to change your perspective because you may have it wrong. November will give you strong clues as to whether you want to go deeper than you anticipated but thats ok deep is what Scorpios do or if they dont they are often running scared of something. What might you be afraid of deep down Sagittarius nov23-dec22 New friends may bounce into your life and then just as quickly leave. Perhaps this is indicating the need to blow some cobwebs from your social world or perhaps your health needs require some attention particularly round 27 October. There might something deeper and more hidden going on than you thought but that could just as easily be a work issue as anything health-related. The question is are you going to sidestep it as usual or look it in the eye Capricorn dec23-jan20 Some uncertainty at work may be causing a few ripples but these may not be anything more than a few passing if slightly startling moments of disruption. Your social life as you head towards November will more than make up for this though even if friendships take a more serious turn than usual. It may be that you discover more about the personal lives of your work colleagues and this may bring a number of unexpected benefits. Aquarius jan21-feb19 You may be torn from your preferred mode of exploration of the unusual quirky and eccentric side of life and have to deal with mundane matters at home in October but luckily your social life improves in November and has its own possibly sexy enticements. You will know how seriously you should take this in early November but around the 27th you may realise that whoever has caught your eye may not be anything more than a passing flirtation. Sorry about that Pisces feb20-mar20 Is someone messing you about over pay and contracts early in October Dont get too stressed as it is only a temporary glitch although the lesson might be to pay more attention to the small print It becomes apparent that there is a bigger picture out there and perhaps you have been missing it. Ironically the full moon in late November might show you the importance of things closer to home. Its ok the Universe keeps doing this kind of thing.