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SUPPORT THE BEDFORD LIVE SCENE - UPCOMING BEDFORD GIGS FOR YOUR DIARY Tickets from Dannys Bar Esquires Corn Exchange Box Ofce Boutique Planet Sun 4 October Echobelly guests Esquires Fri 9 October Spear of Destiny Esquires Wed 21 October Hooton Tennis Club special guests Esquires Fri 30 October Ferocious Dog Gaz Brookfield Esquires Sat 7 November Dirt Box Disco Sick on The Bus Esquires Sat 21 November Total Stone Roses tribute Esquires Saturday 5 December From The Jam Ft Bruce Foxton Sound Effects Tour Editors In Dream Second album to feature the newer Editors line-up and sound although the dark core remains as moody and glowering as ever. Fully embracing an electronic feel the songs head skywards with bombast and fortitude backed up with a tiny amount of guitar flourish every now and again. In Dream is the first Editors album to feature duets Slowdives Rachel Goswell sharing vocal duties on three compositions and this adds an exhilarant new flavour to their output. The fantastic Salvation is the albums high-point all swirling gothic majesty and hinted threat. Tom Robinson Only The Now Tom Robinson him with the gravelly twilight tones from 6 Music is a songwriter and broadcaster of some repute. In the mid 70s he had major success with songs such as 2-4-6-8 Motorway and Glad to be Gay. Many albums were recorded and different paths were followed and only now his latest 11-tracker arrives with a very grand sounding guest list. Take a peek at a few - John Grant Billy Bragg Colin Firth Nadine Shah Sir Ian McKellen TV Smith and Nitin Sawhney. Inspired by the new music he plays on his 6 Music show Tom has experimented with a few different genres added plenty of social commentary and let the guests add the coup de grace. MILKYS ALBUM REVIEWS You must have still had the music bug after Echobelly went on a break as Sonia and yourself have toured and recorded as Calm of Zero. Have any recordings been put on the shelf for now Could Calm of Zero end up as support to Echobelly double fee Haha We loved doing Calm of Zero as we had total freedom to do what we liked. It will always be a kind of side project which we might re-introduce in the future. Who knows what it could mutate into Who is in the line-up for Echobelly now Did you recruit friends of the band or hold auditions We found our drummer pretty quickly through word of mouth and we held auditions for the bass player. Both are great and have added a fresh spark to the whole Echobelly experience. Will there be any new Echobelly recordings Do you believe the best Echobelly album is still to be made Every album weve made has had its merits and unique essence. Still we are really excited about the new material that is being written now which will eventually make its way onto a new Echobelly album. As a band you were reasonably outspoken in interviews and through song lyrics unafraid to tackle subjects that other bands were happy to avoid. With the changes in the world over the last 20 years have you been writing furiously on a range of subjects Regarding early Echobelly we wrote about what was poignant to our experiences at the time. The newer lyrics have acquired a subtlety that invite the listener to interpret from their point of view. There is definitely a more esoteric edge to what we are currently doing. Do you feel let down that bands of today on the whole dodge making strong statements Dont really care. They are not letting us down Did you have much involvement putting together the tracks for the expanded album editions for On and Everyones Got One There are some lost recordings floating around which well release when the time is right. 3 Loop contacted us and we chose to be involved in the collating of the material for the re-releases of EGO and ON. On to the October gigs what can the punters expect Have you been rehearsing tracks from all of your albums Quite a lot of the known songs King of the Kerb Car Fiction Great Things Dark Therapy etc and songs from each of the five albums plus three acoustic songs mid-show. Ok nally what would your dream three band line- up look like Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn Miles Davis and Frank Black.