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I used to race one of the original air cooled flat six Porsches many years ago so Ill always have a very soft spot for this evergreen design. And since there was very little wrong with those now-classic cars my first impression of how familiar it looked and felt on getting inside the new GTS was a great start. There was nothing quite like the launch from a 911 Carrera as the rear wheels bit the tarmac that motor over the transaxle providing phenomenal traction as the wail from the flat six made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Some of the new models that superseded the Carrera were in my eyes watered down as well as water-cooled but Im pleased to report that the wail under hard acceleration is now back and how Whats more theres been some serious computer-wizardry while Ive been away. First up is the gearbox. You may have been told that auto-gearboxes are slow sap power dent acceleration and use more fuel. Im here to tell you that is sooo yesterday The new PDK electronic gearbox version of the Carrera GTS is both faster on acceleration than any driver can manage with the manual plus it actually uses less fuel Yes friends a whole half second less to 60mph and significantly less fuel guzzled while its about it Combined mpg is 32.5 which is rather better than the 18mpg I used to get. Inevitably prices are up the GTS weighing in at 93915 in PDK form although you can save 3000 if you must by opting for the manual. Or 73500 buys you a lesser version with a smaller less powerful engine a narrower body and less toys. I wouldnt go there get the real thing or keep saving. Seating instruments controls right from the get-go everything is intuitive. And before you repeat the scare stories you may have heard about these electronic gearboxes being a total pain and burning clutches Im thinking Aston Martin now this one shifts into neutral at a standstill and even switches the engine off in a queue. Indeed drive the GTS while youre thinking about your next business meeting and you will arrive fresh as a daisy while the car switches into comfort mode and whisks you there like an executive coupe. Then having won the business switch the suspension and steering to sport mode sharpen the car up the computer will actually sense the change in your driving style and maybe enjoy yourself a little on the way home. Its that kind of car whatever you need it to be whenever you want it. I used to race one of the original air cooled flat six Porsches many years ago so Ill always have a very soft spot for this evergreen design. And since there wasRichard McCann Porsches 911 is reunited with its famous ducktail spoiler and famous GTS badge. But does it also remember its heritage McCann goes to nd out MOTORS